Nikon 24 1.4 Review

When the Nikon 24 f1.4 was first announced I was faced with that age old question, am I going to buy this lens when it comes out? I got really excited at the notion that a new lens would soon grace my D3S allowing me to capture things I never could have imagined.

Than I started to try and figure out where am I going to find $2,200 US to get this lens. What lenses will I need to sell in order to free up some space? If I already own two lenses that cover that 24mm range do I really need this 24 f1.4? This is what happens in my mind as soon as something new comes out, I go from I have to have it, to do I really need it, is it really going to be that good? Well I have not purchased it up to this point (as of 9/10) but I did get to play with one for a few days and run it through my brand of testing

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