My BIGGEST Kit Ever - What's in my Bags??

This is an epic kit, for an epic day of work we have been planning for months. I can't wait to share it with you. To hear first, sign up to the EOI at:

Check out the gear we have packed at Amazon, B&H or manufacturers sites below. I rented the Sony cameras, lenses and gimbal from LensProToGo (GEAROUT15):

Sony a7sii at Amazon worldwide:
At B&HPhoto:

Sony A7r3 at Amzn :
At B&H Photo:

A7iii: @BH:

85mm GM: @BH:

16-35mm: @BH:

50mm Macro: @BH:

24-70mm: @BH:

70-200mm: @BH:

85mm Batis: @BH:

Rode shotgun mic: @BH:

Rode Lav mics: @BH:

ThinkTank Roller bag: @BH:

Nikon D850: @BH:

BlackRapid Double strap:

24-70mm: @BH:

105mm f1.4: @BH:

70-200mm: @BH:

90mm Macro:

15-30mm VC:

85mm: @BH:

50mm: @BH:

Compagnon Weekender Bag: @BH:

LITTLE Weekender Bag: @BH:

handheld reflector:

Bounce accessories:

Bowens flash adapter:

Pocketwizard Plus 3 triggers:

Manual Flashes:

Profoto A1:

Flashpoint/Godox 200:

Flashpoint/Godox 600:

Lowepro Roller:

Westcott Beauty Dish (its awesome): Here is a less expensive version:

Flash softbox:

Giant Reflector:


Fotodiox Flapjack (big):

Fotodiox Flapjack (sml):

Luxli Cello multicolour:

Manfrotto Monopod:

Manfrotto Video Tripod:

Gitzo Photo Tripod:

Lastolite arm:

Small lightstands:

Large lightstands:

G-Technology TB3 unit Amzn: BH:

8 Bay battery charger:

Power Tower:

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