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One of the most common challenges for photographers is capturing a good image with detail in low-light environments. Fortunately, today’s DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have a bunch of settings, lenses, and add-ons like flashes to make them more sensitive in low light.

Camera Settings

There are three settings you can adjust to help your camera get enough light for an exposure:

1. Increase the sensitivity of your camera to light (ISO setting)
2. Open the aperture to let in more light all at once
3. Keep the shutter open longer to let in more light over time

Adding Light to Your Environment

Obvious tips to improve low-light photography include turning on all the lights or temporarily removing lampshades. But a must-have piece of equipment is a 5-in-1 Reflector Disc that allows you to bounce available light at your subject as well as control the quality of light depending on which color side you use. Another very helpful add-on is a flash unit (also called speed lights or hot shoe flashes). You can buy a dedicated speed light made by your camera’s manufacturer, or you can buy compatible after-market lights. Some tips to improve your flash photography include:

1. If you are working with a camera-mounted flash, try pointing the flash at a ceiling or wall; if the ceiling or wall is white, that will add a smoothness to your subject and the whole room. Pointing the flash right at your subject because it will create hard shadows, harsh highlights, and sometimes red eye.

2. Remote flashes allow you to put your light source somewhere else in the room, thus giving you much more control over the light. Types of remote flashes include wired, infrared, and wireless radio triggers

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