Logitech BRIO Unboxing

I've decided to upgrade my webcam to a new Logitech BRIO. The BRIO offers up to 4K video and has a detachable USB-C cable, which gives me greater flexibility in how I connect it to my laptop.
Please note, for the first portion of this video, I was using my Blue Yeti microphone. When I detached my old webcam and connected the BRIO, I forgot to check which microphone I was using. Turns out, I was just using the internal microphone built into the BRIO, so that might be of interest to those considering this webcam. Generally, though, I use a different microphone than what is built into the camera.

The history of my channel with equipment is fascinating (well to me at least). When I started my YouTube channel, I didn't use webcams at all. I simply made screen recordings of my software and narrated them using a headset/microphone. The first improvement I made was purchasing the Blue Yeti to improve the audio of my videos. The first time I used a webcam along with my tutorials was likely just my internal webcam on my previous laptop. I don't know if this is the first time, but this is my earliest Livestream:
🎞 https://youtu.be/bEpLQleFobs
You can clearly see the quality difference between this and what I use today.

The first time I used a webcam in one of my video tutorials was in this video:
🎞 https://youtu.be/RDda0gbBM3g
Again I believe this was my internal camera on my old laptop. At the time, I was using Adobe Presenter Video Express, and this workflow remained for hundreds of videos. I've since abandoned PVX as it's sometimes called since one of its major limitations is that it only records 15 fps for webcam recordings.

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