Live YouTube Content Creation with Evan Abrams & Jake in Motion - 3 of 3

Join Motion Graphics Artists, Evan Abrams and Jake in Motion, on as they develop motion graphics in After Effects for YouTube videos!

Evan is a self-taught self-employed motion graphics artist and teacher of After Effects based in Ontario. He's been using After Effects since 1995, making video for everyone from Fortune 500 companies to indie bands. His clients range from production houses to large companies like Coca-Cola and Fossil.

Jake has been animating in After Effects for over ten years, having worked at a production company in LA for 5 years before becoming a full-time freelancer. He teaches After Effects courses on Skillshare and has designed and animated over 800 episodes of 8 different motion graphics shows for clients like Yahoo!, MSN, Twitter, YouTube, Pepsi, and VH1 among others.

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie