LIVE Q&A | Shooting with a Phone Camera & Restoring Old Photos

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16:52 Can you talk about creating our Photoshop actions? Some of my old actions no longer work in Photoshop 2018, so I’d like to learn how to make my own. - Angela from Houston, Texas, USA
0:27:19 Hot Topic: Does taking photos make you a photographer? - Aaron & Shiree
0:38:41 What is your method for enhancing the sharpness and colors in this photograph. This image is dozens of photos focus stacked together. - Jared from Arkansas, USA
0:51:41 How do I remove the texture from an old photo and enhance some of the original color? - Jeanne from Florida, USA
1:04:59 How do you work with Wacom tablets? What functions and button do you use? - Alexey from Moscow, Russia
1:13:30 Do you have any suggestions for how to make this 'bland and boring' photo of my grandson more professional? - Lane from Indiana, USA
1:25:58 What results in better quality when working with bracketed shots: doing HDR or using Luminosity masks? - Jim from Chicago, IL, USA
1:29:19 Have you ever used Capture One for raw editing or tethering? - Michael from China
1:34:06 What are your keys to making a model stand out when shooting in busy environments? - Henry from Austin, Texas, USA
1:41:32 What is a fun lesson to do with middle school kids using the cell phone camera? - Jo from Indiana, USA
1:48:20 Very important question Aaron! Do you still love The Golden Girls? - Christopher from Canada
1:50:03 If you’re shooting a brightly back lit subject do you prefer to use spot metering or fill flash to better light your subject? - Ron from Brisbane, Australia
1:53:02 Can you talk briefly about why printing photos with accurate color is so hard? - Question from the Moderator (Seth)
1:56:44 What is the best method for changing the background when the colors are nearly the same? How to properly make a selection in this case? - Sasa from Serbia

We went LIVE for an entire week to celebrate one year since we launched our PHLEARN PRO subscription! This is our sixth episode which aired May 16th, 2018. Watch highlights using the timestamps above.