LIVE Q&A | Compositing and Retouching Products

Jump to each question with the timestamps below:

12:52 Was it easy for you to get published? How many times did you fail? - Maximilian from Colorado
15:56 The colors of the product in this photo are off. How do I change the black reflected in the cufflinks to back gold. - Ash from San Fransisco
0:30:19 Any tips on how to salvage an aged baby photo - and color banding in general? - Annette from Edmonton, Canada
0:43:59 Why do my colors shift so much when I bring jpg and png into Photoshop? And, shift again with “Export for Web” when I go the opposite direction? - Tony from Virginia
0:49:56 Is there a way to remove a sun glare/Lens Flare from this pic? - Morshawn from Washington DC
1:04:37 How would you add a clear glass item onto a patterned or dark background? For added difficulty the glass item should have been shot on a white high-key background. - Michele from Toronto, Canada
1:23:18 How did you manage to get started with using a tablet? - Michael from Melbourne, Australia
1:34:44, 1:43:36 How can I make the colors pop more in this nature photo? - Benjimen from Wichita Falls, Texas
1:41:42 You mention Lightroom as a starting point. Do you also use Camera Raw? What is the major difference, if any? - Pat from Louisville, Kentucky
1:43:08 Peanut Butter... Smooth or Crunchy? - Yo Mama from Colorado
1:51:50 If you were on a deserted Island and you could only have ONE photoshop tool what would it be? - Kelly from New Jersey
1:53:17 How do you recommend to recover sharpness when depth-of-field is not perfect? How to use sharpness settings in Camera Raw? - Andrei from Bucharest, Romania
2:04:22 What is your determining factor that post-processing is complete? How do you know when you are done? - James from Maryland

We went LIVE for an entire week to celebrate one year since we launched our PHLEARN PRO subscription! This is our second episode which aired May 14th, 2018! Watch the highlights using the timestamps above.