LIVE Photoshoot - Single Light dynamic portraits

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Restricting light to create dynamic hair flick shots - single light and ending with dual light set up. Who is better? David Bowie or Nicki Minaj?

Gear Used:
D800: DCW Adorama:
D4 (Amazon: )
Nikon 14-24mm f2.8: (Amazon: )
Tamron 24-70: (Adorama: )

00:20 - intro concept
00:45 - choosing outfits
4:15 - taking shots of Japanese liqour
6:30 - inappropriate joke
10:10 - posing tips
13:10 - adding a back/hair light
16:10 - big ups to DigitalRev
17:40 - David Bowie vs Nicki Minaj (INTRO)
18:40 - David Bowie vs Nicki Minaj (CONCLUSION)


Featuring Tina Yong:

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