Live Photography with Tiny Atlas Quarterly & Dan Tom - 1 of 2

Want to learn how to tell your story through a series of beautiful images? Join Photographer Dan Tom & Tiny Atlas Quarterly on Adobe Live to learn how! Today, Dan shares tips, tricks and the process of editing travel photography in Lr CC.

Dan is a Photographer based in San Francisco with a passion for travel, landscape and lifestyle photography. He has worked with organizations like ‘Coast to Costa’ where he leads photography excursions throughout cities like Havana, Cuba. Dan is also an Adobe Stock contributing photographer.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly shares the perspective of travel photographers through rich, beautiful stories that unfold through a series of images. Helmed by Emily Nathan and Deb Hearey, it is both a magazine attached to a production company and a creative agency connected to a global community of travelers and photographers. Check our their hashtag #mytinyatlas on Instagram!

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Intro of plans for the day and tomorrow: 3:40
Dan’s creative process: 8:20
Choosing the right camera: 20:30
Linear gradient: 33:20
HSL/Color/B&W Panel: 46:30
Resetting and Re Editing a photo: 57:10
Using Lr CC or Classic: 1:01:45
Split toning: 1:10:00

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie