Live Illustration with Kervin Brisseaux - 2 of 3

Join Designer & Illustrator Kervin Brisseaux on Adobe Live as he layers digital illustrations on top of photographs in his signature style! Today, Kervin finishes inking his illustration in Photoshop Sketch before selecting a color palette in Illustrator Draw and polishing the illustration in Photoshop CC. Stick around for work flow pro tips!

Kervin is an Associate Designer Director at Vault49 and Freelance Illustrator. He specializes in Illustration, Graphic Design and Photo Manipulation.

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Work begins: 4:00
How to manipulate photos in Draw: 9:30
Workflow protips: 12:00
How to create a timelapse in Draw: 1:40:35
How to send your work from Draw to Photoshop: 1:41:45
The benefits of smart objects: 1:45:20
How to add a paper texture: 1:47:10

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie