Live Editorial Design with Stefanie Brückler - 3 of 3

Join Designer Stefanie Brückler on Adobe Live as she creates a 16 page zine celebrating “the beauty in the ugly.” Today, Stefanie finishes the zine with two new spreads! Stick around to learn how she creates elegant curved text with the type on path tool!

Stefanie Brückler is an Austrian designer working and living in New York City. She specializes in both print and digital design with particular interest in branding, editorial design and typography.

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Recap: 3:10
How to come up with colors for your design: 23:30
Manual kerning: 27:40
Using the “type on path” feature: 36:50
Finished zine: 1:11:45
How to publish your work from InDesign: 1:17:00
Animation in InDesign: 1:24:28

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie