Lightroom Tutorials For Beginners #1

Right from the start, complete Lightroom Tutorials for Beginners as well as Advanced users to get it all right from the beginning.

Without Lightroom, professional photography cannot survive in the digital age. With more and more data captured especially in raw images, it is becoming essential to learn how to tweak them.

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This is the first lesson from our Lightroom Training series where we talk about the workflow right from inserting your memory card into the syste to importing your images into Lighroom the right way. You need to have a good understanding of the Lightroom workflow becuase if you don't pay attention, in no time, your lightroom experience will be in a mess.

In this video, I'll guide you through importing images into lightroom the right way and also how to keep them safe, secure and baked up. Importing is often one of the most ignored step for most of the users but, if you have used lightroom before, you'd know that if you don't do that right, in the long run, your lightroom life will become frustrating.

Do you want to make your life so much more easier? Import it the right way and you'll save a ton of time, and time is money!

I have some awesome tips, tricks and shortcuts in this video that will make your work more faster and easier. Just like learning how to drive, you make sure you learn the signals right from the beginning, same way, you must learn how to get your images into Lightroom first. Editing comes after just like driving on the main road.