Lightroom Retouching Time-lapse #2 - The Abandoned Bicycle

Complete retouching process of 1 Hour in 3 minutes. Learn how to effectively use adjustment brushes in Lightroom to enhance your image and dodge and burn. Also learn how to apply a subtle but warm duo-tone or tint to your images.

In this photo retouching Lightroom timelapse, you will witness that I tried to play with every slider and see what the effect is. Don't be intimidated by sliders, and try out each one of them, who knows which one will make your photo tick.

Along with global adjustments, in this time lapse I have focused more on local adjustments. Especially using the brushes and the linear gradient tool to focus the viewer's eye towards the bicycle. Also, the highlights and the shadows sliders were not enough to aoid and reduce clipping on either sides. So, I had to selectively tweak the exposures of highlights and shadows.

Hope this time lapse video helps you in some way or the other!