Lighting Portraits with Character: OnSet with Daniel Norton

Learn how to use light to showcase character in your subjects.

Join us On Set as Daniel Norton shows you how to create dynamic portraits using a variety of lighting tools and techniques.

Creating clean/correctly lit images is the baseline for photographers, but to get to that next level, we must shape out light to capture the essence of the character before us. Whether that image truly speaks of the person is not always important, but rather, a viewer must be able to imagine certain traits based on the light.

Is she kind? Stern? Bold? Proud? Powerful? Fearful? Goofy?

All these things can be expressed with light.


Daniel Norton is a Photographer, Creative Director and Educator with 15+ years in the advertising and editorial markets. Daniel also produces and hosts FREE weekly training for Adorama and on his Youtube channel as well as the Adorama TV series On Set with Daniel Norton
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