Welcome to Adorama Beyond the Sound, where we take you behind the scenes of a full production to create professional music videos. In this series, we cover everything from audio, cameras, microphones, live directing, lighting, and more. We've partnered with Framework Productions to bring you this series, and we hope you also check out the fully produced music videos from the featured artists.

In this episode, Framework Productions' director Steven Pierce takes us through the process of creating the right lighting for each band. From understanding how to create an ambient field, to different atmospheric categories, all the way into the details of hands and faces, each play a role in the feel, style, and story for each track of each band.
In addition, Best Boy Electric, Billy Quigley overviews the proper and safe steps for identifying a venue’s power ability and then how best to harness and program it, eventually creating an entirely wireless set-up to control every single lighting source live and in sync with each band’s performance.

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