How to Use Spot Removal in Lightroom | Spot Detection and More

Learn how to use spot removal tool properly in Lightroom. In this video, we will also learn how to detect and find spots in the first place. Besides, I have got some awesome tips and tricks that will make spot or dust removal easier than ever.

The biggest problem is not removing the spots, it is finding them in the first place. First off, the best way to avoid spots is to keep the camera sensor clean. If there is dust on the camera sensor, it shows up as spots in the image. So make sure that you clean your camera sensor the moment you spot these spots in your images. But then again, it is difficult to see these spots while you are taking pictures due to a lot of reasons. First, they are very small or minute and since the camera screen is very small itself, it is difficult to find out there and then. Also, during daylight, it is even difficult to see the image on the camera screen at the first place. Second, the spots are either very small, faded or hidden in textures. Some of them even cannot be seen when you import them into your laptop or desktop. But, it begins to become visible once you start editing your image, mostly increasing clarity or HDR processing. It is not healthy to remove the spots once you have finished editing and processing your image. So, in the video, we'll learn how to easily find the spots using the Spot Removal tool's hidden feature called "Visualize Spots".

Also, I have some amazing shortcuts, tricks and tips using the spot removal tool that will boost up your workflow and enhance your quality. But here's the thing, the spot removal tool is always accurate. Sometimes it does mess up the image. What do you do in those circumstances? We'll discuss that in the video. Besides, there are certain limitations to Spot Removal tool. The tool is made to remove spots from camera dust. It cannot be as efficient as the spot healing brush tool in Photoshop. So, you can try but it does not do quite an awesome job removing any other thing than spots due to camera dust. Just so you know, I'm using Lightroom CC 6.8 in this tutorial.

Thank you so much for watching! If you have any, questions, suggestions or feedback, do leave them down in the comments below and I will get back to you ASAP.