How to Make Extreme Color Grading in Premiere Pro | Adobe Creative Cloud

Give your clip an artistic effect with a 4-color gradient overlay.

Start from scratch or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

1. Create a new project in Premiere Pro (File – New – Project), enter a name, and click OK.
2. Find footage on Adobe Stock: Open the Libraries panel (Window – Libraries). Search Adobe Stock for surfer footage (e.g., "surfer watershot"). Hover over the clip you'd like to use and click the shopping cart icon to license it. Or, click the cloud icon to preview it with a watermark before you buy it. Right-click the video clip in the Libraries panel and choose "Add to Project."

Optional: Use "" from our practice files. Then, import the clip (File – Import).

3. Click the Project tab, then right-click the surfer clip and choose "New Sequence from Clip."

Optional: Drag the playhead to an interesting portion of your clip on the Timeline (say, the 6-second mark in the sample provided).

Tip: Pinch or expand with two fingers on the trackpad, or drag one of the small circles below the Timeline to zoom in and out.

4. Add an adjustment layer: Click the New Item icon in the Project panel, choose Adjustment Layer, and click OK.
5. Drag the adjustment layer to the Timeline just above the surfer clip. Drag to extend the adjustment layer to the length of the surfer clip.
6. Add a color gradient: Switch to the Effects workspace (Window – Workspaces – Effects). Type "4-color" in the Effects search field. Drag the 4-Color Gradient effect on to the adjustment layer.
7. Experiment with different colors: Click the first color swatch (yellow). Use the Color Picker to find a new color and click OK. Repeat for the next three colors.
8. Reposition colors: Change the numeric values of Points 1-4 to experiment with the positioning of the four color swatches.
9. Change the Blend setting: Increase the Blend value to create a softer border between colors. Decrease the value for a more defined border between colors.
10. Change the Blending Mode to Overlay. Or, select other blending options to see the different effects.

That's it! Play your sequence to see the complete effect.

To learn more, visit our Premiere Pro Tutorials page:



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