How to Make a Watercolor Painting in Adobe Fresco | Adobe Creative Cloud

Paint colorful new worlds using digital watercolor brushes that act like the real thing. Featured artist: Yellena James. Check out more of her work here:

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your project:

1. Save James’s illustration to Creative Cloud Files or your preferred cloud service.
2. Open the Adobe Fresco app on your tablet.
3. Choose Import and Open, Photoshop file, then select the practice file.

Select your brush:

1. Tap and hold the live brushes icon, tap Watercolor, then choose a brush.

Tip: James used the Watercolor Wash Soft brush.

2. Tap + to add a new layer.
3. Tap the color circle and move the color stops to find the right color.

Tip: James selected cyan as the first color she would use to paint the jellyfish head.

4. Adjust the brush settings and paint.

Tip: James set her brush size to 180, flow to 100, and water flow to 60.

5. Use the color wheel to choose a second color and paint to add it to the strokes you just added.

Tip: James chose pink as the second color. Notice how the water flow setting makes the colors blend together as if there was real water on the brush.

Customize the artwork:

1. Tap the Transform tool (just below the eraser).
2. Use two fingers to rotate the selection. Tap Done.
3. Use the eraser to customize the shape of the colors you just painted.

Tip: James adjusted the size of the eraser and traced the edges of the color selection to create the shape of a jellyfish head.

Reveal and arrange layers:

1. Tap the first hidden layer (layer thumbnail shows an eye icon with a slash through it).
2. Tap the eye icon to the right to show the layer.
3. Repeat the 2 steps above to show the other 2 hidden layers.
4. Tap, hold, and drag the color layer below the layers of the head you just made visible.
5. Use the eraser for any additional tidying that is needed.

That's it!

To learn, more visit our Adobe Fresco Tutorials page:




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