How to Make a Speed Ramp in Adobe Premiere Rush | Adobe Creative Cloud

Use speed ramps to add drama and creative effects to videos in Premiere Rush.

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your project:

1. Create a new project in Premiere Rush (File – New – Project). Name your project.

Tip: You can also click Create New Project.

2. Import video: Use the panel on the left (i.e., “Local”, “Cloud”, “Favorites”) and locate the video clip you’d like to use, or use the sample clip we provided. Click on the video thumbnail, rename the project, and click “Create” to import the clip. This may take a few minutes.

Note: The sample provided is 25 fps and is for practice purposes only. You will get best results with footage that has a high frame rate, at least 120 frames per second or higher.

Split the clip:

1. Create multiple clips from the video source: Move the blue playhead to the first spot on the timeline, then click the Split icon, or use the ‘s’ shortcut on your keyboard.
2. Repeat this process to create three long clips and two short ones:

- 0:00-0:04.12
- 0:04.12-0:05
- 0:09.12- 0:10
- 0:10-END

Add speed ramps:

1. Click the Speed icon.
2. Set the Range Speed to 1000% for the first clip.
3. Check the Ramp checkbox and set the Amount to .2 seconds.
4. Move the Range slider to the far left and the Section slider almost all the way to the right.
5. Click the 2nd clip and set the following properties:

- Range Speed: 70%
- Range slider: Move right
- Section slider: Move left
- Ramp: check
6. Set the properties for the 3rd clip:

- Range Speed: 1000%
- Range slider: Move slightly left
- Section slider: Move slightly right
- Ramp: check

7. Set the properties for the 4th clip:

- Range Speed: 70%
- Ramp: check

8. Set the properties for the 5th clip:

- Range Speed: 1000%
- Section slider: All the way right
- Ramp: check

9. Press Play to preview the effect.

That's it! Play your sequence to see the complete movie title.

To learn more, visit our Premiere Rush page:



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