How to Make a Radial Valentine in Photoshop | Adobe Creative Cloud

Draw a few simple strokes and create sophisticated geometric designs.

Prep your project:
1. Create a new Photoshop document (File – New). We used a 3000 x 3000 px document for our creation.

Tip: Apply a color fill to the background layer for visual interest. We chose #2e334c from the Color Picker and used the Paint Bucket tool to apply the color.

2. Click the Create new layer icon from the bottom of the Layers panel (Window – Layers).

Create a symmetrical design:
1. Choose the Brush tool, then choose Mandala from the symmetry choices (the butterfly icon) in the Options bar.
2. Set the Segment Count to define the number of axes that will reflect the lines of your drawing. We chose 10 for this design. Click OK, then press Return, or Enter to place the symmetry path.
3. Set the Brush options to your liking using the settings in the Color Picker and the Options bar.

Note: We chose a pink (#b06c86), Hard Round brush with a 4px width, and Opacity, Flow, and Smoothing set to 100%.

4. Draw along one of the axis lines and watch the pattern repeat along the rest of the axes.
5. Continue to draw until you are happy with the overall design.

That's it!

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