How to Make a Modern Holiday Card with Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Creative Cloud

Combine art and typography to create a festive greeting.

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

1. Update to the latest version of Illustrator CC and open a new Illustrator document (File – New).

Tip: The latest version of Illustrator includes Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit). Adobe Fonts offers thousands of typefaces you can use in your creative projects.

2. Place your artwork, or use ours ( Choose File – Place then drag the graphics pointer over the portion of the document you want to cover with your design.
3. Choose the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle over part of the drawing. Choose a Fill color for the rectangle while it’s selected.
4. Update text and color: Choose the Text tool, click on the rectangle, and change the text color from the Properties panel (Window – Properties). Replace the placeholder text.
5. Change the font and its properties: Highlight the text then click the Font drop-down list from the Character panel (Window – Type – Character). Choose Find More and select a font you like. Click the cloud icon to Activate the font so it syncs to your computer.

Tip: Update other character properties as you like. For example, adjust the Tracking to increase spacing between the letters.

6. Choose the Selection tool (V) and hold Shift+click to select the text and the rectangle. Then, choose Object – Group to group them together.
7. Blend the colors of the text & rectangle layer with the drawing layer. Go to the Properties panel, click the Opacity label, and choose a Blending Mode from the drop-down list. Experiment with the different blend modes to find the one you like. We chose Multiply.

That's it!

To learn more, visit our Illustrator Tutorials page:



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