How to Make a Comic-Style Portrait in Adobe Fresco | Adobe Creative Cloud

Use vector and pixel digital brushes to draw pop culture illustrations. Featured artist: Kervin Brisseaux. Check out more of his work here:

Start from scratch, or download practice files [] for a head start. Steps below.

Prep your project:

1. Save Brisseaux’s illustration to Creative Cloud Files or your preferred cloud service.
2. Open the Adobe Fresco app on your tablet.
3. Choose Import and Open, Photoshop file, then select the practice file.

Finish the sketch:

1. Tap and hold the vector brush icon then choose a brush to finish the drawing of the hat.

Tip: Brisseaux used the Taper brush from Fresco’s Vector Brushes.

2. Tap the settings and use the slider to set the brush size and smoothing.

Tip: Brisseaux used 34 for the brush size and 92 for the smoothing.

3. Brush small strokes to add detail to the top portion of the hat.

Tip: If you’re using a stylus, experiment with the Pressure Dynamics option in the Brush Settings by turning it off and on to see how it affects your brushstrokes.

Fill part of the sketch with color:

1. Tap and hold the selection tool (just above the Paint Bucket) to show the available options.
2. Choose the Brush selection tool.
3. Brush over areas of the face and neck to fill with color later.

Tip: The diagonal lines indicate areas outside of the selection. Pinch, expand, and drag with two fingers to zoom in and out of the image as you work.

4. Tap + to add a new layer.
5. Tap the color circle and move the color stops to find the right color.
6. Tap the Paint Bucket tool, then tap the selection area to fill it with the new color.
7. Tap and hold the color layer and drag it below the sketch layer so it does not cover the face.
8. Tap deselect to return to normal viewing mode.
9. Use vector brushes to paint additional colors to add depth and dimension to the face.

Enhance with halftones:

1. Add a new layer.
2. Choose a pixel brush to add detail to the collar.

Tip: Brisseaux used the Halftone 4 Big brush from the Comics brushes.

3. Use the eraser to clean up any areas as needed.

That's it!

To learn, more visit our Adobe Fresco Tutorials page:



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