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Enhance your self-portrait with a few simple adjustments, then share it as your profile picture on social media.

Prep your project:
Make sure to have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop Fix installed on your mobile device. If you already have these apps, make sure to update to the latest version. Below are the links to download:

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC
- iOS:
- Android:
Adobe Photoshop Fix
- iOS:
- Android:

Edit your portrait in Lightroom CC for mobile:
1. Open Lightroom CC on your mobile device.
2. Tap the camera icon in the lower right, tap the icon to take a self-portrait, then tap the circle to take your picture (or have a friend take your picture).
3. Return to the previous screen, tap All Photos, then tap to open your self-portrait in Edit mode.
4. Apply a profile: Tap Profiles from the Edit menu at the bottom. Choose a category from the drop down (e.g., Artistic, Modern). Tap the profile thumbnails at the bottom to find an effect you like. Drag the slider at the bottom of the photo to the left or right to adjust the profile settings. Tap the checkmark to save (at the bottom for iOS, at the top for Android).
Tip: Profiles provide a starting point to continue editing and achieve the look you want for your photos.
5. Improve clarity: Tap Effects from the Edit menu. Drag the Clarity slider to the right to increase clarity, or to the left to decrease.
6. Target a specific area to edit: Tap Selective Edits from the Edit menu. Expand with 2 fingers to zoom in on the teeth. Tap the +, then tap the brush. Tap the first circle under the brush and eraser icon and slide your finger down to decrease the brush size, slide it up to increase brush size. Brush over the area of the teeth. A red highlight (or mask) shows the area you selected.
7. Whiten teeth: Tap Light from the Edit menu. Swipe up to view the Whites slider, then slide to the right to increase the white. Tap Color from the edit menu. Slide Temp to the left to make the color a bit cooler.
8. Save your changes: Tap the checkmark to save your changes before editing further in Photoshop Fix.

Retouch your portrait in Photoshop Fix:

1. Tap the Share icon in Lightroom for mobile, then Edit In, choose the image size you want to edit, tap Healing in Photoshop Fix.
2. Retouch photo: Tap Spot Heal in the Edit menu. Tap the brush, then set the brush size and hardness as necessary. Brush over the spots in the photo you'd like to retouch.
3. Tap Save & return to Adobe Lightroom.


1. Add portrait to an album in Lightroom: Tap the icon with the 3 dots at the top right. Tap Add To. Tap an existing album. Or, tap the + icon, tap Album, add a name, tap OK, tap the new album, and tap Add.
2. Open your portrait in Photoshop Fix: Open Photoshop Fix. Tap the + icon in the lower left, tap the LR icon, tap the correct album, tap your portrait, then tap Open.
3. Retouch photo: Tap Healing in the Edit menu, then tap Spot Heal. Tap the brush, then set the brush size and hardness as necessary. Brush over the spots in the photo you'd like to retouch. Tap the check mark to save.
4. Publish to Lightroom: Tap the Share icon at the top, then tap Lightroom.
5. Open portrait in Lightroom: Open the Lightroom app if you'd like to continue editing. Navigate to the screen listing the albums. Photoshop Fix adds your retouched portrait to a new album in Lightroom called Adobe Photoshop Fix.

Share your photo from Lightroom for mobile:
1. Open your photo in Lightroom for mobile. Tap Share from the top menu. Tap Share from the popup menu, choose the image size (iOS), then tap the sharing destination from the list of apps available from your mobile device.

That's it!

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