Get SHARP PHOTOS with this simple CAMERA TRICK - Lens calibration

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Lens calibration can be the difference between a perfect shape foot or 'my photos are out of focus' feeling. In this Lens calibration video we look at the importance of dslr lens calibration and how it can be effecting your photography. We all want to know how to get sharper photos with some sharper photos tips but sometimes it could just be the equipment. By fine tuning your lenses to your camera bodies you could und up with considerably sharper photos.

Using a lens calibration chart that includes all the measuring tools you need you can almost instantly get better and sharper photos. Remember though Sharper images is not only lens calibration you must have mastered the art f focussing for photography in the first place. Learning how to get sharp photos is something that we all want to do when fixing blurry photos. Just remember to also look at your other camera settings as this can effect lens sharpness to. Remember lens calibration can significantly improve the sharpness of a lens and camera body combination.

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