Flash Photography for Beginners

Flash Photography for the Beginner, Sponsored by Canon: Confused about flash photography? You’re not alone! These small flash units are some of the most versatile tools a photographer can have at their fingertips yet many people stay clear of them because of the misunderstanding of how they work or how Speedlites can improve the look of their photography.
Join Eric Stoner, Canon Technical Advisor, for this class designed to explore the basics of flash photography. Knowing the “when and the how” part of the equation is a huge start and Eric will walk you through step by step to not only assess a scene to determine if flash is needed but also how to take control using ETTL automatic flash all while pushing minimal buttons. He’ll also share tips for making flash look like natural light so your images don't have that "flash" look.
By the end of this class you’ll have the confidence to use that flash in your bag and start feeling confident while using flash.