Film Form Event with Dave Brusca and Fernando Martinez

Join Dave and Fernando as they go through different camera types and budgets to help you decide what is the right fit for your Film, Music Video or Commercial production and what to keep in mind. Among the topics discussed will include Lenses, Media, Peripherals, Size & Weight, Post Production and more.

Dave Brusca is a Director, Producer, and Photographer in NYC with over a decade of experience shooting Commercials, Music Videos, and Films. Dave assists Daniel in producing OnSet with Daniel Norton, as well as producing for the Adorama TV YouTube channel.

Fernando Martinez is a Writer, Director, and Cinematographer based in New York City, with most of his work being in Film, Commercials and Music Videos. Fernando believes that a straightforward attitude and a DIY approach is the best way to collaborate in the industry. Currently, he is also Content Producer for AdoramaTV.