Dear Sony - Thank you for the mirrorless camera revolution

This is how Sony created the Mirrorless revolution, came out on top and has paved the way for the next Mirrorless camera innovators. We look at hows Sonys mirrorless success is much like that of Apple in the early 2000's.

Sony mirrorless camera took command of a new industry, the mirrorless camera world and focussed on the consumer first. Like apple, this world already existed but they dominated.

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Like apple they created hype, launched products almost yearly and created a marketing storm every time. Their products looked good, no, their products looked incredible. Although they were cameras themselves they photographed well. They built a community of people who wanted to show off they they had a Sony mirrorless. Sony focussed on the new world, their products were socially viable …. Search for a sony A7s camera on instagram and you see hundreds of photos of the camera itself. The perfect marketing for the mirrorless camera.

Companies like nikon and canon have not capitalized on this. When was the last time you saw a great photo of a Nikon DSLR camera. Nobody does it. Sony has beautiful sharp shiny, sleek edges. Sony Mirrorless cameras look strong, angular and sexy. They look like the new shooter, the young, the hip the early adopters.

Search for a Nikon mirrorless camera or Canon mirrorless camera and you just see the photos taken on the camera not the camera itself.

You might be thinking, well they are cameras and image quality is what matters. Wrong, nikon is a company, sales is what matters. Remember apple in 1997. You can sell 10,000 professional cameras to the top professionals or you can sell millions of slightly cheaper nearly pro cameras to millions of consumers. If you don’t bring in the money you can’t fund research and development, you wont stay relevant and your business fails.

In the past companies dictated to the consumer what they should want. Sony was different. People say to Sony we want better focusing, they do it, better batteries, done, 5 axes sensor stabilization done. Perfect first time? Not at all, but hey they were listening, trying and often delivering. Cameras like the sony a7iii, sony alpha a6000 or any of the Sony Alpha range.

Just sitting back and saying we have done this for 100 years just isn’t good enough. We the consumer don’t care what you did, we care what you are doing. You can create the world's best DSLR but mirrorless is what everyone is talking about. In a battle between mirrorless vs dslr then mirrorless would win the marketing battle although DSLR might still win the usability battle, but the gap is closing. It’s like launching a sony walkman with all the latest tech when everyone is talking about the iPod. Cameras are going to go mirrorless and that’s why sony is currently winning. Mirrorless camera pictures are improving with every update and mirrorless camera video is just sooooooo good. sony a7iii video.

I think this is the next era for Mirrorless cameras, in fact cameras as a whole. More competition, driving innovation, pushing technological boundaries. The more players in the game the faster the innovation. Thanks to Sony we are going to see the fastest technological advancement in digital photography we have ever seen. With more companies bringing out mirrorless system we will start seeing features we never dreamt about. We will see companies fail, see products fail, BUT we will see the bar raised higher, leaps made larger and progress made faster.

So…. thank you to sony for starting the mirrorless revolution. Thank you to all the companies who will challenge you. Who knows who will have the best mirrorless camera 2018 or the best mirrorless camera for beginners

Who knows who will stay on top, for me, well I don’t care. I’m just thankful for the companies who fight amongst themselves, so that we, the humble consumer can use the most technologically advanced camera systems the world has ever seen.

The nikon mirrorless camera is on its way and could be the most important mirrorless camera of 2018.

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