Canon EOS R Review: Better than you think!

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We review the Canon EOS R $2,300 full-frame mirrorless camera with 30 megapixels. It's gotten a TERRIBLE reputation among camera reviewers, but it's actually a nice, well-rounded camera for vloggers and family shooters.

Yeah, the 4k video and slow-motion is unusable. The focusing is really slow, it has only one card slot, and the multifunction bar is a useless waste of space. There's hardly any native lenses available for it.

But it's a good start to a new camera system. The focusing is slow but reliable. Unlike the Nikon Z cameras, it has eye-detect focusing, (even though it's really limited in usefulness). The auto white balance works well, as does the metering. The video autofocus is the best we've ever used on a camera.

The camera feels great to use, too. The buttons and dials just feel nice. Other than the Fujifilm X-T3, it's the most beautiful camera of 2018 and 2019.