Canon 6D Review ‎ Click Here for the full written review.

The Canon 6D is the PERFECT camera except for one fatal flaw. If you can live with this fatal flaw than this could be the camera for you. Before I get into what this flaw is lets take a deeper look at the camera and its functions as well as how it performed in real world shooting situations. "Real World Review" TM

As many of you know I like to do real world shooting tests when I am reviewing gear. This means no shooting charts or over analyzing unimportant features. This also means I post the FULL RES exported files for you to review and make your own decisions on image quality. Be sure to watch the video above as I cover certain topics that I may not cover below in the written review.

Lets now take a look at the camera itself, how it feels. This camera feels great in the hands when you are shooting horizontically. I say that because any time you try and shoot vertical without a grip any camera will feel awkward. The rubber coating on the body makes it feel like you wont drop it and the build quality seems to feel very sturdy. As far as how it feels when your shooting, it feels just fine and people with small or large hands shouldn't have much of a problem handling this body. People with much larger hands should consider picking up the battery grip for added confort.

For the FULL written review please click here. ‎

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