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Welcome to Adorama Beyond the Sound, where we take you behind the scenes of a full production to create professional music videos. In this series, we cover everything from audio, cameras, microphones, live directing, lighting, and more. We've partnered with Framework Productions to bring you this series, and we hope you also check out the fully produced music videos from the featured artists.

In this episode, Director of Photography Igor Kropotov, along with Framework Productions’ director Steven Pierce, walk through the considerations and specs needed when choosing the ideal lenses, cameras, resolution, compression, dynamic range, placement, movement et al to dynamically and uniquely capture each band while thinking ahead toward post-production.
Shooting with 5 separate cameras (4 Red Heliums and 1 Sony AS7) simultaneously, each with its own unique lens (including canon cinema lenses 30-300mm, 30-105mm, 15.5-47mm), makes for a rewarding challenge for how to creatively think through capturing each performance and story.

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