B&H Photography Podcast | Rabbits, Hats, and Other Stories from OPTIC 2018

Anecdotes with insight are an important part of any good conversation, and we certainly heard some wonderful anecdotes from our guests at the OPTIC 2018 Conference. For today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we have cherry-picked a few stories from our conversations with Brian Smith, Seth Resnick, Vincent Versace, and Simon Lewis and have added a segment, with Panasonic Marketing Manager Darin Pepple, to round out the episode.

Brian Smith is a Pulitzer-Prize-winning photographer most recognized for celebrity portraiture, but his work comfortably crosses all genres and his list of awards is impressive, including a World Press Photo Award. He is a Sony Artisan of Imagery, Profoto Legend of Light, Adobe Influencer, and X-Rite Master Coloratti.
As a luxury lifestyle, destination, food, architecture, and interior photographer, Simon Lewis also understands that versatility is a crucial component to being a successful freelance photographer and, as his anecdote makes clear, some tenacity helps, too. His clients include Aman Resorts, Amazon, JetBlue, Ralph Lauren, Bon Appetit, Prada, and John Varvatos.

Seth Resnick can do it all (I’m seeing a trend) and the graphic nature of his work and bold use of color and form make him in-demand across the editorial, travel, commercial, and fine art photography worlds. Chosen by Photo District News as one of the 30 most influential photographers of the decade, he was an original Canon “Explorer of Light,” consults for Adobe, X-Rite, and Epson, is an Ilford “Master” and is co-founder of D-65, a digital workflow consultancy.

A few of our guests’ anecdotes were prompted by Allan’s “rabbit out of a hat” question but, with Vincent Versace, we were captivated and laughing too hard to even get to the question. Versace’s insight on photography comes from a range of disciplines and we learn how acting and some serious common sense influence his work. He is a Nikon Ambassador, recipient of the Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment and his photography books, tutorials, and workshops are very popular.
After a short break, we speak with Darin Pepple, Consumer Marketing Manager at Panasonic, about Lumix cameras, the evolution of the GH series, and the unique interaction between Lumix photographers and the product developers who continue to improve this innovative camera line.

Guests: Brian Smith, Simon Lewis, Seth Resnick, Vincent Versace, and Darin Pepple

Image Credits:

1 – Kelsey Grammer © Brian Smith
2 – Anne Hathaway © Brian Smith
3 – Taraji Henson © Brian Smith
4 – William H. Macy © Brian Smith
5 - © Seth Resnick
6 - © Seth Resnick
7 - © Seth Resnick
8 - © Seth Resnick
9 – from “Burma: The Last Page of the 19th Century” © Vincent Versace
10 – from “The Journey is the Destination” (India) © Vincent Versace
11 - Cuba © Vincent Versace
12 - Cuba © Vincent Versace
13 - © Simon Lewis
14 - © Simon Lewis
15 - © Simon Lewis
16 - © Simon Lewis
17 – Vincent Versace © John Harris

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