Auto Optimize and Watermark All Your Photos for Facebook in Photoshop

The Awesome Batch Processing technique to optimize hundreds of photos automatically with watermark and the best resolution to get the highest possible quality in Facebook! Learn how to process multiple images by first creating a few actions and then using the amazing image processor to target a folder full of photos.

First off, we are going to discover the best possible resolution for Facebook. We will learn the sources where to find the same. Secondly, we will create an action to resize our image to that specific resolution. Once we do that, then comes watermark. Since every image might have different orientations and aspect ratios, we will create an intelligent action using conditionals that will allow Photoshop to judge the image and place the watermark accordingly. At the end, we will link all the actions using a master action and use the Image Processor in Photoshop to run it on multiple photos.

Hope this video helps you! Thank you for watching!

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