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Welcome to Adorama Beyond the Sound, where we take you behind the scenes of a full production to create professional music videos. In this series, we cover everything from audio, cameras, microphones, live directing, lighting, and more. We've partnered with Framework Productions to bring you this series, and we hope you also check out the fully produced music videos from the featured artists.

For this post-focused episode, Framework Productions and audio engineer, Julian Evans follow-up on how to choose the right mics for a live set-up with how to approach mixing that sound in post. The four basic tools of EQ, Dynamics, Reverb and Delay are explored to lay out how each can be used both to bring a band’s recording to life as well to as contour their sound to give the band it’s unique feel and voice.

Featured products:

Celomony Melodyne Studio 4

Avid Pro Tools S3 Control Surface Studio

Apple Mac Pro

(Products below explored in Microphones episode):

Sennheiser ME 64

Sennheiser md 41

Neumann kms 105

Sennheiser E 604

Rode NT3

AKG C414

Rode videomic pro+

Shure sm58

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