Angular for ColdFusion Developers with Josh Kutz-Flamenbaum

These days the excitement in front-end development is happening in the JavaScript universe. Angular is a popular framework for building JavaScript applications. This talk will discuss the benefits of building your application in the Web Browser and using ColdFusion as a great back-end. It covers strategies for adding Angular onto a legacy CF site and how to map your ColdFusion developer experience onto modern Web Component architecture. Sample code will be shown and real-world case studies discussed. It will also touch on using MVC frameworks to build APIs in ColdFusion, Dependency Injection, API conventions, JSON serialization in ColdFusion 2018, and AngularJS vs Angular 7/8.

Josh Kutz-Flamenbaum is a Senior Software Architect for Bumble and bumble, a prestige hair care brand owned by the Estee Lauder Corporation. He uses ColdFusion to build full-stack web applications to continuously deliver business value in the areas of B2B Ecommerce, supply chain optimization, CRM and enterprise automation.