Adobe Fresco - Turn a Photo into Painting

Adobe Fresco is an amazing new creative app offering natural media painting and drawing techniques. Follow along and learn how to turn a photograph into a digital mixed media artwork combining watercolour and oil painting techniques. Use time codes below to jump to specific features and check out the Milanote board for resources and exercise files!

Digital Mixed media workflow:

1:15 Place photo on canvas
2:00 Make selection of woman
2:30 Cut and paste onto the new layer
3:40 Add a mask to the new layer and refine edge
Turn background into a watercolor with the live brush set to 0 opacity
Paint back some details on a new layer (trees and mountain peaks)
Create painterly edge for background with a layer mask and a pixel brush
Turn woman into an oil painting using live brushes
Add reflection to separate layer using watercolour
Paint island on a separate layer
Paint cloud on a separate layer with Cloud pixel brush and set it to Screen mode
Add drip effect at the bottom

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