A Song For The World | Free to Be... You and Me

Sometimes, inspiration just strikes...and you've gotta go where it takes you.

Over the weekend, I was recording my usual Saturday morning piano rehearsals when I decided to play this song, a song from my childhood (and one of those songs that was very influential in my development, both as a young human and aspiring musician)

With the iPhone rolling, I captured the live take of the piano and voice that you see here; but I couldn't stop there.

A few overdubs later, and this is what turned out .

A song...for the world. For everyone, everywhere.

Free To Be...You and Me
words and music by Bruce Hart & Stephen J. Lawrence
©1972 Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

New Arrangement by Jason A. Levine
All instruments recorded and performed by Jason A. Levine
Original video, piano+vocal recorded on the iPhoneX
Overdubs recorded and mixed in Adobe Audition

PS: I love you, Marlo Thomas