A New Tasty Brand

Inspired by Constructivism and Bauhaus the new TT logo and brand theme is simple and vibrant.

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Clean, simple and kinetic.

Representative of how we construct knowledge and meaning from our experiences. The vernacular is established through growing letterforms developed from a 5x5 grid.

To be used on screen presentations, decorative elements and merch. The letterforms can overlap to create interesting graphic colour compositions or interact to create dynamic letterforms and grids.


The new logo is a simple bold monogram including two T’s as an acronym. The Two contrasting T’s represent the nature of the content and the spirit of the channel. The first T is consistent, purist and serious, where the other is more playful, wacky and creative.

The two T’s bring you some of the best, unique and quality design content on Youtube.

Together they are TastyTuts!