$60,000 for our stolen photo: We made a copyright thief PAY!

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Two years ago a company used one of our most well-known photos on the cover of an iPhone case without our permission. This was misleading in a couple of ways; the product seemed to advertise that it could produce the results in our picture (it couldn't) and some people assumed we were endorsing the product. The product was in some of the biggest stores in Australia and New Zealand, including Target, and selling for about $70 AUD.

We tried to reach out and handle it nicely without getting lawyers involved, but the people who stole our photo immediately lawyered-up and tried to ignore us.

So we sued them. That wasn't easy! We had to hire lawyers in Australia, and finding an attorney was REALLY HARD. The defendants tried to get off without paying a fair amount... but in the end, it cost them a lot.

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